Experience the 7 Days Health Program at Vivamayr Altaussee.

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Personalised Programme with a Traditional Aesthetic at Vivamayr Altaussee

Vivamayr Altaussee’s Timeless Customized Plan

Uncover the potency of the Vivamayr Mayr Cure and experience its life-altering effects at Vivamayr Altaussee, a renowned medical spa situated in Austria’s lush countryside. Dr F X Mayr’s century-long research has been proven to positively transform the lives of those who come to this facility for health and wellness.

Start your voyage to enhanced well-being with the Classic retreat, which forms the basis of all of Vivamayr’s programs and is tailored to your individual requirements. It begins with a medical checkup and various tests, which the clinic’s medical experts utilize to design a personalized plan of treatments to begin your voyage to better health. Cryotherapy, liver wraps, and therapeutic massages are all offered, in addition to Vivamayr’s signature approach to nutrition and diet. All in all, you will feel renewed from the inside-out, armed with the insight to take hold of your health and keep up healthy habits.

Included Features

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A 7-day plan is what this is based on.

  • An introductory medical check-up
  • A myodiagnostic evaluation of the patient’s functions
  • Three abdominal treatments administered by a professional on a daily basis
  • A concluding medical exam
  • Consulting on nutrition
  • Assessing mineral and acid-base levels as well as free radicals and biological anti-oxidative potential
  • Metabolic analysis
  • Urine testing
  • Creating an individual dietary strategy
  • Group activities
  • Presentations on medical topics

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Treatments specifically designed to meet individual needs are becoming increasingly popular. Such therapies are crafted to the specific requirements of the person they are intended for, and are thus much more effective than generic treatments.

  • Measuring bodily resistance
  • Cold treatment
  • Soaking feet in an electrolyte solution
  • Exercises for specific activities
  • Wrapping the liver
  • Inhaling SalinAir
  • Rub-downs for therapeutic purposes
  • Relaxing in a heated mud/algae/brine bed

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Advantages Exclusively From Us

The following elements are included in all programmes:

  • Lodging with meals included
  • Physical exam and ongoing care provided by the general practitioner
  • Privileges to the high-end spa
  • Drinks without alcohol

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Cost Overview

This document outlines the pricing information associated with the services provided.

For just £1800 per person, you can enjoy seven days of exploration.

The programme includes full board, however accommodation, supplements, medication, special laboratory tests and individual therapies are not included.

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